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What do you call a nervous javelin thrower?


What do you call it when fellow javelin throwers hang out?

A Meet n' Yeet

Javelin and Shot Put


Melissa Caddick tried out for the Australian Olympic Javelin team.

She made a good effort on the day of her trial, but her final effort fell a foot short.

What Olympic sport will Ukrainians always beat Russian in?

The javelin thrown.

Question 1: which is better - javelin or that sport where you throw a round flat object?


TIL javelins were invented in a region of northern France..

Britanny Spears.

In high school I was the starting catcher for two teams...

Baseball & Javelin

I'm developing a new sport that involves a ball, shotput, discus, and javelins.

I'm calling it a game of throwns.

What’s red, white and black and can’t turn around in a hallway?

A nun with a javelin through her back.

What would Roman soldiers rest their heads on when they slept?

The same thing they used to carry their javelins: a pila case.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A recent scientific study revealed that women found different male attributes attractive depending on where they were in their menstrual cycle.

For example, a woman ovulating found men with rugged masculine features most attractive.
Whereas a woman menstruating preferred men doused in petrol, set on fire with scissors stuck in his eyes, an axe in his skull and a javelin stuck up his arse.

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