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An Englishman and Welshman were in a pub discusing their sexual prowess.

The Englishman boasts he's gotten laid with 27 different partners this year.

"What about *you*?" he asks the Welshman, who promptly falls asleep.

I hate the discus throw ...

makes me want to hurl.

Adam and God discus women

Adam says to God, “God, why did you make women so soft?” God says, "So that you will like them.” Adam says, "God, why did you make women so warm and cuddly?” God says, “So that you will like them. "Adam says to God, “But, God, why did you make them so stupid?” God says, “So that they will like you.”
AI Image Generator

I'm developing a new sport that involves a ball, shotput, discus, and javelins.

I'm calling it a game of throwns.

My favorite Irish joke about The Olympics

An Englishman, Scotsman, and Irishman wanted to see the Olympics, but they didn't have tickets. They went round back to see if they could sneak in, but there was a guard at the rear entrance which is also where the competing athletes entered. The Englishman looks around and sees a long pole on the g...

What is your favourite Olympic sport ?


Unpopular opinion: frisbees aren’t heavy enough


I've started competing in discus meets

I almost won a trophy yesterday. I threw the discus really far, but this other competitor named Gus got my throw erased. He said my throw got lifted by a burst of wind, so he went to the track officials.

This Gus discussed his disgust on the discus.

Javelin and Shot Put


Can throwing a round heavy object as far as you can be classed as a sport??


Which sport is more lame: frisbee, or curling?


"You gotta help man, my bike's possessed. If I ride it, it bites me, if I don't, it still bites me."

"It's a vicious cycle."

"You think that's bad? My bike's turned entirely into clumpy goo."

"It's a viscous cycle."

"You think that's bad?! My bike's turned into a man, and then gone off to compete in the olympics."

"It's discus michael."

‘Olympic throwing sports aren’t what they used to be.’


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A famous surgeon...

...is taking patients, one at a time.

First one comes in:

-Doc, I got a problem. I am a professional discus thrower, but recently I lost both my hands in car accident! Help me, Olympic games are just next month!

-Sorry to hear it, but we don't have male hands right now, only f...

What piece of sporting equipment is best for provoking a debate?


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