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I don't know what's involved in the training for the Paralympics

But it looks fucking dangerous

Why isn't there golf in the Paralympics?

Because it would be really awkward asking what their handicap was.

Why didn’t they call the Paralympic Games..

the Olimpics instead?


Three wheelchair users in the Paralympics have tested positive for WD40

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I can’t stand the paralympics.

Neither can the participants.

Did you hear about the wheelchair basketball team that was banned from the Paralympics?

They all tested positive for WD-40!

Oscar Pistorius won eight medals in the Paralympics. Six gold medals, a silver medal, and a bronze medal.

But he will always feel de-feeted.

What's better than winning Gold at the Paralympics?

Having both your legs.

A basketball champion in Paralympic walks into a bar

Wait a minute...

What does "paralympics" stands for?

It doesn't.

No one is sure how much it cost Coke to sponsor the Paralympics,

but it undoubtedly cost an arm and a leg.

Did you know the entry fee for the Paralympics is really high?

I hear it costs an arm and a leg.

On the upside, Oscar Pistorus has had his paralympic classification promoted...

...he's gone from T43 (double below knee amputee) all the way up to T800 (The Terminator).

I heard paralympic basketball players are very selfish, they never pass

All they do is dribble.

I tried to watch the paralympic games..

I couldn't though because the channel was disabled

I just read on the news that 10 Paralympics athletes have failed a drugs test

They all tested positive for WD40

There's a doping scandal at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics involving the Russians.

We will see if these accusation stories have any legs.

What's the difference between the Olympic long distance race and the Paralympic long distance race?

A lap

Three disabled stranded men

Three disabled guys (a blind man, an amputee, and a guy in a wheelchair) are flying back with the USA team from the Paralympic games in the Middle East when their plane crashes in the Sahara Desert. The three disabled guys (the only survivors) are now stranded and wait for someone to rescue them, bu...

A limbless man takes up swimming

A man with no arms or legs decided to take up swimming in an attempt to make the Paralympics. He was called Bob

A great slogan for WW3

Make Paralympic Great Again!

I heard on the TV, "no arms race between Russia and the United States"

I thought to myself, "I didn't even know the Paralympics were on"

A team of Russian atheletes did not do well at the Olympic Games.

A team of Russian atheletes did not do well at the Olympic Games. Putin summoned the team together with their head coach and his chief of KGB Nikolai to his office.

"You did not do a good job", - said Putin, - "But let us focus on the future. You will do much better in the next competition....

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