Redditors are extremely skilled fencers.

They’ve mastered the art of riposting.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The French fencer

There once was a famous French fencer. He learned how to fence at a young age and honed his skills over time, his prowess with the foil unmatched in all of France. After defeating all French contenders, he moved on to defeat fencers in nearby countries, eventually becoming the best in Europe. As his...

Why do fencers hate Reddit?

They've all been banned for riposting.

Why do Redditors make bad Fencers?

Because all they do is Riposte.

Two fencers had a bet to see who could get more reddit karma.

A month later the loser asks the winner how he won.

"I showed unique and new moves what did you do?"

"All I did is riposte."

Why do fencers love r/jokes?

They're skilled at ripostes.

Why do redditors make such good fencers?

They're used to dealing with ripostes.

Why do fencers have the most karma on this sub?

They are skilled at riposting good content

Why should fencers be banned from reddit?

Because they spend too much time trying to riposte.

You know why fencers subscribe to /r/Jokes?

Because they always appreciate a riposte.

A king was visiting the training grounds with his swordmaster

A king was visiting the training grounds with his swordmaster.

There was a crowd watching two fencers trade blows.

The first fencer performed an attack and the crowd gasped.

The king, who isn't into the sport, asked his swordmaster about the move.

"That's what you'd call ...

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