NSFW: Sperm 1: God I'm getting tired! How long 'til we reach the fallopian tubes?

Sperm 2: Still a long way to go..........We've only passed the tonsils.

If you don't get first place in someone's heart

just remember that you got first place in someone's fallopian tube.

2 sperms are swimming side by side

sperm 1: do you know how much longer 'til the fallopian tube?

sperm 2: fallopian tube? we aren't even past the esophagus yet!
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Two sperm are busily swimming along

Two sperm are busily swimming along when 1 sperm asks "Hey look..is the that the Fallopian tube?"

"Fallopian tube" the second sperm laughs out, "we're not even through the esophagus yet!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two sperm have just been ejaculated into a woman...

... and they're conversing. One says to another, "Man, I'm feeling myself getting tired and we haven't even reached the Fallopian tubes. How much longer?"

The other says, "I'd say a while. I think we just passed the tonsils."

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