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People say the testicles and the ovaries are very similar

But there is a vas deferens between them.

Her: You know I have ovaries right?

Him: Is that why you always ovary act?

My Friend said her ovaries hurt

I told her she was Ovary-acting.

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Since ovaries are above the vagina...

Shouldnโ€™t testicles should have been named *undaries.*

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A prostitute goes to see a gynecologist with severe stomach pains....

After she had stripped off and the doctor had examined her, he said "The issue is with your aviaries". She said "Don't you mean ovaries doctor?" He replied "No, there's been a cockatoo in there!"

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how does a vulva order their eggs?


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How did the Vagina want her eggs cooked?


Whoever came up with the name โ€œtestesโ€ missed a great opportunity

Considering that women have ovaries, they definitely should have been called underies

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What's the difference between a pianist and a penis?

A pianist tickles the ivories, a penis tickles the ovaries.

I asked my pregnant girlfriend how she likes her eggs


Two sperms swimming

Two sperms swimming through a girls body. After a while one sperm looks at the other and says"we've been swimming forever! How much farther until we hit the ovaries?" The other sperm starts laughing and replies " ovaries?! We're not even halfway down the esophagus yet!"

Wife and I were having an argument ..

Wife: You should listen to me.

Me: Oh yeah, why is that?

Wife: Coz I have ovaries!

Me: Is that why you Ovary Act?

An IVF technician goes to brunch. The waiter asks "how would you like your eggs?" She replies


How do OB/GYN's prefer their eggs?


Sperm journey

One sperm asks another, โ€œHow far is it to the ovaries?โ€ The other one answers, โ€œRelax. We only just passed the tonsils.โ€

What did the cannibal who was late to the dinner party get?

The left-ovaries.

What are the three "O"s of bad driving?




So one sperms says to the other sperm.. NSFW

"How long til we get to the ovaries?"
The other sperm replies,
"hopefully soon, we just passed the tonsils"

Two sperms are talking with each other...

"Hey man, how long till we get the ovaries?"

"Long way still, we just passed the throat."

This came to me randomly today; not sure if old, or OC...

How does Hannibal Lecter like his eggs?


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A woman goes to the doctor.

"Doctor, I think I have a problem with my aviaries."

"Aviaries? Don't you mean ovaries" the doctor replies.

"No, I definitely mean my aviaries" insisted the woman.

She lies back on the doctor's table while he continues to examine the woman and figure out what seems to be the pr...

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Man and his doctor's advice

A man came to the chamber of a well known doctor.
**Doctor:** Hello and good afternoon. What seems to be the problem?
*Man:* I don't want any more baby, doc. Save me.

**Doctor:** Okay, tell me why can't you stop having a baby?
*Man:* I used a condom so that my semen won't...

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