Woman: I’m having the worst period ever

Husband: Are you sure you’re not ovary-acting?

One ovary says to the other ovary, “Hey, did you order any furniture?”

The other says, “No, why?”
“There are a couple of nuts trying to shove an organ in.”

Women on their period always ovary act.

*insert pun here*

My Friend said her ovaries hurt

I told her she was Ovary-acting.

I was furious when my wife kept producing eggs

But looking back it was clearly an ovary action


Alot of ovary reacting.

Ladies- if you realize you’re angry because of your period, ....

would that be considered an ovary-action?

I honestly think girls need to stop acting like their periods are the worst things in the world

It's really just a bit of an ovary action, don't you think?

It's known as PMS.

I call it ovary-acting.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

All these vagina jokes are getting old

I apologise if I'm ovary acting

Who called it PMS-ing and not


Why are females so moody when they're on their period?

It's an ovary action.

My wife just flipped out at me for not being sympathetic about her time of the month

It was a complete ovary action.

What do you call it when a girl throws a tantrum during her period?

An ovary-action.

For like a week every month, my wife will make a big deal out of the smallest things

I think she's just ovary acting

My wife had a terrible mood swing during her period.

She's just ovary acting.

You can tell when a woman is pregnant

She tends to get a little ovary active.

Women complaining about menstrual cramps...

...are simply ovary acting.

My girlfriend was crying because of a pain around the belly

I told her she is ovary acting.

My girlfriend was complaining about her period.

I told her she was ovary-acting

What do you call a gynecologist who really loves his job?

Ovary Enthusiastic

What do you call a man who gets his wife pregnant a lot?

An ovary-chiever

My overdramatic girlfriend came up to me, balling her eyes out and confessed to having the most painful period she's ever had before

I looked her right in the face and said "stop ovary acting"

My wife always freaks out when she's on her period

Keep having to tell her to stop ovary acting.

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A young couple goes to a picnic...

The husband started preparing the food while the wife, wearing a skirt, spread a blanket and laid down. Suddenly a wondering bee appeared and started flying around the wife. The bee found its way under the wife's skirt and went deeper then expected. The wife panicked and yelled to her husband: "Dave...

My girlfriend started pms-ing today.

I thinks it's just a big ovary action.

PMS is a myth

It's really just an ovary action.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A joke a statistics prof once told me...

The average American has one testicle and one ovary.

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