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How does a member of the U.S. military show their gratitude to the prostitute they just visited?

Thank you for your cervix.

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What did the cervix say when the penis asked about the sex party?

If you're in, hymen!

What do a couple that can't have kids say to their surrogate?

Thank you for your cervix
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NSFW: There's a fine line between pleasure and pain.

I call it the cervix.

What is a brothels dress code?

No shirt, no shoes, no cervix.

What did the gynaecologist knight say to the queen?

I am at your cervix.

I'm a reproductive health provider. A female patient came in for a pelvic exam.

I told her "give me a few minutes, I'll be at your cervix"

Remember, if you sleep with a female veteran tomorrow,

Be sure to thank them for their cervix.

What did a husband say to his veteran wife that recently gave birth?

Thank you for your cervix

What's the worst part about working at a gynecology clinic?

Customer Cervix

On this international women’s day I would like to say to all women everywhere

Thank you for your cervix

A sign over a gynecologist’s office

Dr. Jones, at your cervix.

I made love to a beautiful woman who is in the armed forces.

I just want to say,”Thank you for your cervix.”

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What's the best thing to say to a female soldier after sex? [Possibly NSFW]

"Thank you for your cervix."

A soldier walks in on his wife cheating

"Get out of my house!" the soldier yelled at the man.

As he was leaving the man turned and said, "thank you for your cervix".

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Young boy goes up to his Dad and asks "Where did I come from?"

His father sighs and says "I was hoping your mother would get this question but OK I will explain".

"So when a man and woman are in love and want to have a baby they get naked and get into bed and then they touch each other and kiss and the man touches the woman's breasts and vagina and the w...

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I drive a Vulva

and it's due for a Cervix.

What did the Medieval Gynecologist say to his patients?

At your cervix, m'lady

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Sex is so much more with a big penis . . .

With a small penis, you're barely scratching the cervix.

U.S male active duty and veterans...on this special day, make sure to call up all your old flames, current lovers. Wives and girlfriends as well as any others who helped you out during long deployments and say.....

"Thank you for your cervix!"

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Stripper joke (NSFW?)

A man walks into a strip club and immediately gets some action from a stripper. He walks out, satisfied, and says,

"Wow, what great cervix!"

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