Not every member of Al Capone's family had a criminal career..

His brother Mas sold cheese .

What did Al Capone say to his capos after going out on a 1st date with an undercover cop?

She is a very good listener.

I recently inherited an antique set of loaded dice from my grandfather. They used to belong to Al Capone himself.

In other words, we've been spending most our lives living with a gangster's pair of dice.

What job did Al Capone's assistant with OCD do?

Organized crime

What do you call it when Al Capone goes camping?

Criminal intent.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Al Capone summons a man he lent money to

Al Capone gets his thugs to bring a man to him who has stolen $50,000 from him. Unfortunately the man speaks a language Al Capone, nor his thugs understand so they have to get a translator.

Al Capone tells the translator, 'ask him where the money is'
'Where is the money' the translator say...

What do you call a castrated male chicken that runs an illegal moonshine business?

Al Capon

Before he was known as Scarface

Al Capone’s nickname was Scabface.

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