I joined a march today for the legalization of marijuana. Well, it started off as a march, but after a while...

...it turned into a wander.

A message from Canada, to all Americans who are jealous about the recent marijuana legalization.


In light of their recent legalization of marijuana, I will now be referring to Canada as "baked Alaska"

If anyone wants to start a petition you have my full support.

In a historic day for Canada, Ontario held a Provincial Election on the same day the Senate passed the Cannabis Legalization Act.

Turnout was high.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

It makes sense that Bernie Sanders supports Marijuana legalization...

...because his success has hinged upon high voter turnout.


Fuck, I need to sleep...

Stoners everywhere are uniting to push for legalization of marijuana

It is a joint effort

I think God is for the legalization of marijuana.

After all, the Bible is full of people getting stoned.

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