Joke by my little cousin : Which Dino was the best in English?

The Saurus

Two Italian guys, Dino and Marcello, go fishing on a boat

Suddenly, Dino spots an old WWII bomb floating towards them.

Dino screams "Marcello! Look! It's a mine!"

Marcello -scared- replies "Okay okay Dino, you can a have it!"

What did prehistoric doctors heal?

dino sores

How did the T-rex feel after his first trip to the gym?

He felt Dino-sore

What do you call a Russian Tyrannosaurus Rex?

A DinoCzar!

What did the canadian dino wear to keep warm?

A Jurassic Parka

Do t-rex like explosions

I dont know but another dino might

My Joke

What do you call a T-Rex in pain? A Dino-Sore

Who did the Hamburglar frame for the theft of Fred Flintstone's Dino-Burger?

Rubble Rubble!

What dino was known for having distinguished tastes?

A Connosaur

Three dinosaurs stumble across a magic lamp.

They rub it, and a genie appears.

"I have three wishes, so I'll give one to each of you," the genie announces.

The first dinosaur thinks hard.

"Alright," he says, "I'll have a big, juicy, piece of meat."

Instantly, the biggest, juiciest piece of meat he'd ever seen appear...

A very excited 5 year old shared this joke with me in class today

"Wha- what do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

a dinoSNORE !!!"

it made my day <3

A joke from my 5 year old: "Know what really killed the dinosaurs? TNT!"

"That's why it's called Dino-mite!!"

What do you call a sleeping Dinosaur?

A dino-snore

Did the dinosaur era actually exist?

You bet Jurassic did

Why did the paleontologist go to the doctor?

He discovered a dino sore.

What do you call a flying prehistoric lizard?

A Dino-soaring.

What did the dinosaur ask his pet dog when he wanted afternoon tea with him?

Do you want some tea, Rex.

I used to know alot of dinosaur jokes

But they're all gone now.

A caveman saw a pterodactyl for the first time.

Caveman : Look at that dino soar!

What did the T-Rex say after it fell?

Dino sore.

What's the favorite song of all australian dinosaurs?

TNT, cuz they're dino mate

Where to dinosaurs like to shop?

At the Dino-store

A dragon would never explode

But a dino might

Had this dreams with a flying dinosaur.

Well, let the Dino soar.

Many dinosaurs were very religious

In fact, prior to the meteor strike that killed them off, the most devout dinos were taken to Heaven. It was The Velocirapture.

Which dinosaur named all the others?

The Thesaurus

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Wind turbines...


(Fun fact, this one time, I was out playing tourist with my girlfriend and we were waiting for the ice cream store to open (because someone decided you can’t have ice cream for breakfast) so we went into a gift shop.

There was a joke book, so I picked it up and read the first ...

Who would blow up Jurassic Park? Really?

A dino might.

Where did the T-Rex buy his dinner?

At the Dino-Store!

What do you get when you cross Jesus with a dinosaur?

A velocirapture

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Jeff Goldblum is a given a chance to go back to Jurassic Park

Against all advice he decides to go and is airdropped from a plane on the island. On his way down he gets awe struck by the beauty of it all and forgets to chute till it's too late.

Luckily he ends up landing on something soft and squishy. After a brief moment of relief he realizes he's stuck...

What sound does a T-Rex make when it’s sleeping?

A Dino-snore

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How do you make a dinosaur?

Kick it up the arse

What do you call a T-Rex with tourettes?


I'm sorry.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


She had a fanny like a stab wound in a gorilla's back

Look's like she's been dunking for apples in a chip pan

Had more hands up her than Sooty!

She's got a face like a dog lickin piss off a nettle

It looks like she's been set on fire and put out with a golf shoe!


What do you get when you cross a tyrannosaurus rex with fireworks?


Kids' joke- What do you call a cut on a T-Rex's foot?

A Dino Sore.

I made this joke up in response to my niece's own joke of: "What do you call a pregnant dinosaur? A Preg-osaurous." Like Stegosaurus... pretty smart.

two groan worthy jokes I made up over breakfast

1.Q. What do you get when you cross a Triceratops and a lemon?
A. A Dino-sour

2.Q. Were do robots go to worship?
A. Mech-a

What did the velociraptor say after his workout?

I'm a little dino-sore.

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