Why don't anteaters ever get sick?

They're full of anty bodies.

What do you call an anteater?


How can we determine an anteater's diet?


An anteater walks into a bar

The anteater asks the bartender for a drink and the bartender asks "is Pepsi okay?" The anteater replies "noooooooooooo". So the bartender asks "is orange juice okay? And once again the anteater replies "noooooooooooo". One more time the bartender asks "how about water?" The anteater agrees that wat...

An Anteater walks into a bar....

Bartender says "can I get you a drink"
"How about something to eat?"
"What about some peanuts?"

Frazzled, the bartender says "What's with the long no's"?
Anteater replie...

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An anteater walks into a bar...

"First the horse, now this asshole" remarked the bartender.

Credit: u/reduxde

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

The lion king gets into a fight and loses his teeth

Consequently he orders the rhinos his personal bodyguard to tell the animal kingdom to bring soft food and if any animal brings hard food they will stick it up in their ass.

A very long line of animals with soft food gets together in the Lion's palace towards the end of the line there is an ...