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What do you call a felonious raptor?


My brain is like an F-22 Raptor

Aging, no longer in production and spare parts not available.

a raptor just killed a guy

shot him to death

What do you call a vegan dinosaur?

Falafel Raptor

What does Raptor Jesus bring to the world?

The Velocirapture.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Trex and a Raptor stargazing

T-rex- hey look a shooting star, make a wish
Raptor- I wish I was dead
T-rex- lmao ...

Toronto Raptors: We are the only sports team named after a dinosaur!

New Orleans Pelicans and Atlanta Hawks: Well technically -

The Teacher Asked the Class to Name Something that Ends in -Tor and Eats Things.

Gabe raised his hand first. He said, "Predator."

"Clever answer! They sure eat things!" The teacher told him.

Next, Dylan raised his hand. "Oh! I know! Raptor!"

"You are very smart! Raptors eat many different things," the teacher said.

Then, little Timmy answered. "Vibrat...

Dinosaurs didn’t go extinct

They found Jesus and got raptored

What do you call a dinosaur who seeks to be one with the universe?

Philosopher raptor

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