I once met a guy named Bien. He was a bit annoying but...

I think he meant well

Very good

(Two people studying for a Spanish test)

Person 1: How do you say, “Good” in Spanish?

Person 2: Muy Bien.

Person 1: That’s very good.

Person 2: Thanks!

A 3rd grade class goes to the swimming pool... (/r/AskReddit comments section liked it and I was told that you might like it, too)

*It's a joke I know in french. So I tried to translate it and did some improvments since my first comment, too:*

A 3rd grade class goes to the swimming pool.

The lifeguard asks to the class: "Does any one of you already know how to swim?"

Then the little Dimitri, all excited, an...

I want to know if this Spanish joke translates at all

What’s the similarity between a boat, a firefighter and a family?

The boat and the firefighter have hard outer coverings (cascos).

*and the family?*

They’re good, thanks for asking!

(Original Spanish)
¿Que se parece entre un bombero, un barco y una famili...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call a good French transvestite homosexual?

Les Bien

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I asked my Spanish friend how her sex life’s been since she came out of the closet.

She says it’s less bien.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The teacher is giving the 5-year-olds their first french lesson.

'Does anybody already know any french?' she asks the class.

One boy raises his hand.

'Ahhh, Tres bien. Comment t'appelle tu?' the teacher asks him,

'Shit fuck cuntingface,' the boy replied, 'Sorry I can't say much else, daddy only uses a few french words.'

Dropped my dog on the floor at the multi-cultural neighborhood party I was hosting...

My British friend exclaimed "Oh no! Is he okay?"

My Spanish friend exclaimed, "*¡Oh no! ¿El está bien?*"

My French friend exclaimed, "*Oh non! Est-ce qu'il va bien?*"

My Chinese friend exclaimed, "Five second rule!"

Une blague en Français - For french people only

Une femme avoue à son mari qu'elle a un fantasme depuis plusieurs années de faire l'amour pendant qu'un grand noir leur fait du vent avec une feuille de palmier.

Après y avoir bien réfléchi, le mari décide de demander à son collègue de l'aider.

Le lendemain, ils sont donc tous les 3 (l...

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