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What do you call a werewolf who doesn’t know they’re a werewolf?

A un-aware wolf

Lupin: "Harry, there are two things I need to talk to you about. The first thing is, I'm a werewolf. The second thing is..."

Harry: "Are you f\*\*king serious?"

Lupin: "How did you know?"

My house was bitten by a werewolf.

Now, in the light of the full moon, it becomes a werehouse. Not evil or anything, just more storage space.

How do you support a werewolf's YouTube channel?

Lycan subscribe

What do you call a werewolf in plain sight?

A therewolf.

I got bitten by a werewolf and I'm turning into one myself.

I think I'm lycan it so far.

What do you call a werewolf that doesn't know he's a werewolf?

An unawarewolf.

What did the werewolf make on the night of the full moon?

A roux.

What do you call the YouTube channel of a werewolf who works on submarines to stay out of the way of full moons and copies all the documents for the captain?

Lycan sub scribe

What does a werewolf YouTuber say at the end of his videos?

Don't forget to lycan subscribe!

I saw a werewolf behind the bus stop last night!

Or a really hairy homeless guy.

Either way, the silver bullet worked!

Where does a werewolf get a new tail?

At the re-tail store!

whats the difference between a Politician and a Werewolf?

one of them is an inhuman beast who has thrown away their humanity and has no concern or care for the people they hurt.

the other is a werewolf

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Did you hear about the werewolf who cut out butt meat to try to eat healthier?

It's called a glute-free diet

My friend told me he's a werewolf...

I think he's just a lunatic

My wife wasn't sure about getting a pet werewolf at first

But she's since taken a real lycan to him.

What is a Werewolfs favourite green?


What's worse then a Werewolf?

What's worse then a werewolf?

a Rightherewolf!

What do you call a werewolf who has taken an interest in social justice?


How does a werewolf make bechamel sauce?

They start with a rooooooooouuuuuuuux!
^^^^First ^^^^gold ^^^^for ^^^^this?

What do you call a fat Irish werewolf?


What's the difference between a werewolf and and a mundane woman?

One of them turns into a horrific uncontrollable rage monster for a specific time every month and the other one looks like a wolf.

How is a werewolf from London unique?

They like to eat Chinese food.

How do you know a person is a werewolf...

...and not just someone with a beast infection?

Oneday the Werewolf man comes home from work.

His wife asks him "Hi Honey, how was work" to which he replies, "Shut up, how can you ask me such a stupid question at this time of the night! ". Later that evening she asks him if he's hungry and wants to eat. He replies "Of course I want to eat! How can you ask me such a dumb question? I slave all...

Jupiter has a total of 64 moons.

Their werewolf problem must be enormous.

What's a werewolf's favorite vegetable?

What's a werewolf's favorite vegetable?


A guy walks into a bar on Halloween

A guy dressed in regular street clothes walks into a bar on Halloween and orders a beer. "I'm here for the costume party," he tells the bartender. The bartender looks him up and down, taking in his ordinary clothing and no makeup or wig. "What are you supposed to be?" the bartender asks. "I'm a were...

On Halloween, a werewolf went out dressed as a Klingon, but got lost

He's a Wear-Worf Where-Wolf

Dang girl. Are you a werewolf...

Cause I'm lycan what I see.

Did you hear about the werewolf who got invited to the dance?

He really wanted to go, but the upcoming full moon was giving him paws.

I would post my really amazing werewolf joke here

But I’m worried someone would give me Reddit Silver.

What did Harry Potter say when he found out the werewolf that had been terrorising his school was his Godfather?

You cannot be Sirius

My friend who’s a werewolf brought his kids over to my BBQ. They tore my new couch into shreds

No wonder it’s called a litter

What does a werewolf and a 50 year old woman have in Common

Nipple hair

What time do werewolf Cowboys have a shootout?

High Moon!

I taught a wolf to meditate.

Now he’s a werewolf.

I used to be a Werewolf.

But I’m alright NAAAOOOOOOOW...

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A young lad knocked on the door and said "Trick or Treat?"

I said "What have you come as?"
He said "A werewolf."
I said "But you haven't got a costume on, you're just in normal clothes"
He said "Well it's not a full moon yet is it, dickhead?"


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So, it's a full moon tonight. Tomorrow I'll wake up in some woods, naked and covered in bodily fluids...

...oh no, I'm not a werewolf, I'm going dogging.

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