What do you call a Werewolf YouTuber?


How do you support a werewolf's YouTube channel?

Lycan subscribe

I would post my really amazing werewolf joke here

But I’m worried someone would give me Reddit Silver.

What did the werewolf youtuber ask his viewers to do?

Lycan subscribe

What do you call a werewolf that doesn't know he's a werewolf?

An unawarewolf.

What Does a Werewolf on a Submarine say?


A medieval werewolf becomes an alchemist

Others say, “What use do werewolves have of gold?”

Undeterred, he successfully makes gold and shows it to them.

“What do we do with it?”

Another werewolf looks at it. “Dunno. Eat it?”

Thus, the golden retriever was born.

What do you call a werewolf that's found the cure for lycanthropy?

A lycan'tthrope

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man burst into the Elder's tent, saying that his son had spotted a werewolf and it wished to speak to him.

The Elder had the boy lead them all to where he saw it and when they all get there, all they see is a regular wolf, standing patiently at the line of stones that marked the border of the village.

The Elder approached it carefully, eyeing the wolf. "You." He spoke, "Wished to speak to me?"

I used to be a Werewolf.

But I’m alright NAAAOOOOOOOW...

I got bitten by a werewolf and I'm turning into one myself.

I think I'm lycan it so far.

What do you call a fat Irish werewolf?


Where does a werewolf get a new tail?

At the re-tail store!

Dang girl. Are you a werewolf...

Cause I'm lycan what I see.

I used to be a werewolf...

But I don't think I am anymoooOOOOOOOOOooore

(Note: I'll see myself out. It's better when performed out loud and not read!)

What do you call a werewolf who has taken an interest in social justice?


Did you hear about the werewolf who got invited to the dance?

He really wanted to go, but the upcoming full moon was giving him paws.

What time do werewolf Cowboys have a shootout?

High Moon!

I was trying to find out where my local pelt-merchant was hosting a “Lupine Designs” fashion gala for his fellow lycanthropes this year

So I asked “Where is the werewolf’s wolf-wares warehouse where werewolves wear wolves’ wares?”

I taught a wolf to meditate.

Now he’s a werewolf.

Jupiter has a total of 64 moons.

Their werewolf problem must be enormous.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Kid knocked on my door the night before Halloween...

I opened the door and he shouted

“Trick or Treat !”

I replied back to him

“It’s not even Halloween yet and what have you come as then?”

“A Werewolf!”

He shouts again, I replied...

“But you’re just in normal clothes”

And the little shit said


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So, it's a full moon tonight. Tomorrow I'll wake up in some woods, naked and covered in bodily fluids...

...oh no, I'm not a werewolf, I'm going dogging.

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