vampireghostdemonzombiedeadvampiresdraculaalivebram stokerdeathenergylifelessimmortalityspirituallyimmortal

What do you call an undead chicken?

A poultrygheist.

Why should you never text the undead?

They always end up ghosting you.

What do you call an undead-loving vampire?

A neckromancer.

What do undead bodybuilders crave?


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How do you pay an undead prostitute?

With CryptHo Currency.

Three vampires sit in a cave in the black of night, sharing a drink, laughing, and generally having a good time that one would not associate with the undead.

The night grew longer, and an observer, should they be careful enough, would learn that vampires can indeed get drunk.

Eventually, the three begin to bicker about which of them is the most powerful and deadly.

The youngest suddenly gets up, and flies off into the night. Almost instantl...

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What's the difference between a wizard who raises the undead and a sexy vampire?

One is a necromancer and the other is a neck romancer.

A world with the undead

Imagine a world where zombies exist, but they're not dangerous. Just like you and I every day, except they eat brains.
The government has decided that humans can donate their organ to zombies for consumption.
Everything is pretty much back to normal.

A man and a woman end up going on...

Which unit do the undead use to measure distances?


Where do spellcasters and the undead buy their clothes?

Aberzombie and Witch.

The original script for Dr. Strange had an undead version of Wong battle with the living one. Ultimately they decided it didn't work.

Two Wongs don't make a wight.

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What do you call an undead shit?

Die-areha. I'll sit down now.

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What is SEXY and UNDEAD?

A Zombae

Happy Hallowe'en Y'all

Having an undead teenage daughter is such a chore

All the time she rolls her eyes at me.

I have to keep picking them up and giving them back to her.

What do you call an undead soldier that fights for Social Justice?

A Wight Knight

What do you call a undead yellow and black striped Insect...

a Zombee.

What do you call an undead bee?

A zombee

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What deal did the undead entrepreneurial cattle farmer advertise?

Shit for Brains

What Social Media site do the undead use?


What would be a great way to break the ice?

An undead dragon

I had a horrible nightmare last night

I dreamed that I was attacked by a ship of undead who were nothing but bones.

Fortunately, there weren't very many of them. It was a skeleton crew, after all.

1945. Lenin's ghost comes to visit Stalin

Stalin tells the undead Lenin: "See, comrade Lenin, you doubted that the Soviet people will follow me, but in fact they do!"
To which Lenin replies: "Increase the food rations, or else the Soviet people will follow me".

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