Yesterday my brother uploaded a status on Facebook.

He wrote in his facebook status "I love my girlfriend <3"

I knew that he liked them young but this is getting out of hand.

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My mother used to pose for porn magazines in the 70โ€™s. A few years ago, someone uploaded a bunch of her pictures to the internet.

I see them from time to time, but theyโ€™re pretty hard to come by.

I've uploaded all my Satan-worshipping sessions to youtube

You can guess they've all been demonetized.

What happened when Dracula uploaded illegal content to YouTube?

A count suspended.

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I uploaded pictures of my butt to iCloud

I guess I just like to back that ass up.

What do you call a melodious fart uploaded online?

A SoundCloud

I uploaded a video to YouTube of me filming around my windowless house.

Zero views.

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I uploaded a picture of our newborn baby to Facebook.

I probably should have cropped out my wife's vagina.

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Trump's Inauguration Speech Was Uploaded onto Pornhub

"Rich White Man Fucks Entire Country"

I uploaded a video on YouTube about how to clean your fingers.

The thumbnail was dirty.

Have you heard about the new bush-o-matic 3000?

It's the latest piece of kit where you can upload an image into the on-board computer, crop out the back ground, set the machine on the floor and point it towards the hedge of your choice.

You press "GO" and the machine flies up into the air and starts cutting out a 3D sculpture of the image...

So i uploaded this sick new video to Youtube...

Yeah, it went viral

Ted decided to go start a youtube channel

This youtube channel was solely for making diss tracks about famous youtubers. Unfortunately, his first one was not successful, it was incredibly bad, and so he got thousands of dislikes. Undiscouraged, Ted made a few more diss tracks and uploaded them, only to get hate messages and death threats so...

A new app for forestry...

As a pretty techno savvy guy studying forestry in the U.K., I'm always on the lookout for new apps relating to forestry.

Needless to say, I recently found this great app for foresters who need help with felling trees. It's quite simple, they can upload images of trees/woodlands which need fel...

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Voodoo Dick


A husband whose wife is notorious for cheating on him while he is away on business is at his wits end with the whole thing.

He loves his wife dearly, and explained to her that this cannot continue. He has a long trip coming up soon and knows that she is going to cheat on him if ...

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