What’s the difference between a loin steak and sirloin steak?

The Sir loin is knighted

I treat my women like I treat my sirloin steaks

2 minutes on each side.

Two men walk into a bar and see a sign behind the bar...

the sign reads "FREE Drinks if you complete the 'Task'"

They call the barman over and enquire about the sign

"It's true" say the barman, "free drinks all night if you complete the Task"

Curious, Man 1 asks "so whats the Task?"

"If you look directly up, you'll see two Sirl...

Putin and Trump were having dinner together

The waiter came to take their order.

Waiter: "What can I get for you tonight?"

Putin: "I will have the sirloin steak medium rare."

Waiter: "And for the vegetable?"

Putin: "The vegetable will also have the sirloin steak medium rare"

A husband and wife went out to dinner

A husband and wife went out to dinner. They settled in a nice steak restaurant and begin ordering. The man told the waiter, "I would like a regular sirloin steak." The waiter asks, "and the doneness?" The man says, " I would like it bloody-rare." The concerned waiter asks, "what about Mad-Cow?" The ...

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