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A piano player at a bar has a monkey as a sidekick . . .

. . . who collects tips in a tin can. While the piano player was playing, the monkey squatted over a man's glass and dipped his testicles in the drink.

Infuriated, the man yells at the piano player "Do you know your monkey dipped his balls in my martini ?!!"

The piano player replies "...

"Dad, look, I'm Sherlock Holmes' sidekick."

"You're what, son?

What did Sherlock Holmes say to his sidekick once they had found the stolen Sandstone statue?

It's sedimentary my dear Watson!

There's an upcoming show featuring the woman from Tiger King and Batman's sidekick, going around and reviewing ice cream parlors

Carole Baskin And Robin's

I was having a beer at the bar when a mate walks in, panicked

He sits down next to me and tells me he’s left his sidekick in the car, because she drives him absolutely mad and he really needed a break.

I chuckled at his irresponsible behavior before he tells me “I told her I’d be back in a few minutes, but all lights in my car are broken anyway, can’t y...

What the sidekick to resting on one’s Laurel?

Resting on one’s Hardy

The pandemic has destroyed all of humanity, save for Dave and his sidekick...

Sidekick: Looks like we're the protagonists of this story. It's time, Dave — what's your superpower?

Dave: Hindsight.

Sidekick: That doesn't help.

Dave: Yes, I see that now.

In the City of Loafington, there lived a superhero named Wonderbread.

Wonderbread was, predictably, a superhero with bread-themed powers. He could beat up a gang with a baguette, trap someone in a giant pita, or cushion someone's fall with swiftly-rising dough. He was beloved by all in the city, for his escapades had the lovely side-effect of feeding the entire city f...

Waiting For Buffalo

Two early British explorers are navigating their way through the harsh Canadian wilderness with their trusty sidekick Two Bears. To scout for danger, Two Bears would occasionally stop and put his ear to the ground to check if Buffalo were nearby.

It had been weeks, and there were no buffalo ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Lone Ranger..

and Tonto were riding when all of a sudden they were surrounded by Indians. That was when Tonto informed the Lone Ranger that he was tired of being his sidekick and sold him out. Once in captivity the Lone Ranger was given one last request from the Indian chief. He requested to speak to his horse, S...

The Lone Ranger and his sidekick, Tonto, were riding through the desert one day...

...when Tonto raises his hand to signal for the Lone Ranger to stop. He then climbs down from his horse and places his ear to the ground. After a few seconds, Tonto says, "Buffalo. Come." The Lone Ranger looks at Tonto in disbelief and asks, "How in the world would you even begin to know that?!" to ...

What do you call Gumby's sidekick in Jamaica?


The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding through the desert one day, and it just so happens that it's unnaturally hot. The Ranger and his Indian sidekick are sweating and panting, and their horses are in even worse shape. They're nearing a town where they can stop and rest, but are still miles out when ...

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