An American, a Brasilian and an Argentinian go take a test together

In it, they all have to get in a plane, take off, go to random location, and just by putting their hand out of the window mid flight, they have to guess if they are in their countries or not and why.

First goes the american, who says:
- We are in the USA, i can feel the freedom of democrac...

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A guy walks into a tattoo store
Guy-Hi there I’m interested in getting a tattoo
T.Artist-Shure thing,what kind of a tattoo do u want today sir
Guy-I wanted to get a tattoo of a Ferrari
T.Artist-Now that’s a great idea for a tattoo. Where did u wanted that Ferrari tattooed on...???

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Here's a joke from Bulgaria, translated for your convenience.

One a motorway near the coast in Varna a musclebound mafioso (refered to as mutra in Bulgaria) is driving with his subordinates in his brand new Mercedes S63 AMG. When he nears a traffic signal, he gets rear ended. Pissed off, he gets out to have a look. Turns out that an elderly gentleman in a rust...

A man with a hunchback was walking trough the cemetery.

A ghost spooks him with a question.
- What is that on your back ? the ghost asks.
- Its a hunchback ! the man replies.
- Can i have it ? asks the ghost.
- Shure !!! and the trade is done.
Mindblown,the man goes to his wimp-leg friend and tell him the story.As soon as he finishes tell...

A man goes to hell

And he meets the devil. The devil tells him that he can pick his way to be tortured there. So they go to the first door. There was a man getting stabbed. The man said "I think ill pass". The devil takes him to a second door. In here there was a guy just running around on fire. The man says "no I don...

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