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What is Princess Leia's favorite sex act?

Giving Han Jobs

Why did Princess Leia date so many guys before she found Han?

She was looking for love in Alderaan places.

Why did Princess Leia contract coronavirus?

Because she went to woo Han.

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Why was Han Solo so suspicious when he put his penis inside Princess Leia for the first time? was Luke warm.

Who Did Princess Leia's Hair? (My daughter's joke)

Darth Braider

(I know, I know. She's a kid though. Lol)

What’s Princess Leia’s favourite song?

Riding solo - Jason Derulo

Why did Princess Leia lose all her friends & family?

She got involved with Alderaan people.

I asked Princess Leia for a list of her favorite bands...

It's Alderaan Duran

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A long time ago in alternative universe far, far away, Grand Moff Tarkin is having sex with Princess Leia.

'Come!' she whispers breathlessly.

'Ejaculate?!' he cries. 'In my moment of triumph?'

How does Princess Leia like her showers?


Why did Princess Leia send a distress call to Francis?

Because he was her only Pope.

What is Princess Leia’s favorite Aerosmith song?

Ewok this way.

Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns?

So it doesn’t Hang Solow

Why did Princess Leia spit and not swallow?

Because it was Chewy

After Luke Skywalker found out Princess Leia was his sister...

He became best friends with hand solo.

What doesn't Princess Leia like toy guns?

Because the Nerf hurt her.

what if princess leia went to the dark side?

then she would be luke's sithter

Cringey star wars joke

Just thought of a cringey star wars joke while being unable to sleep

Q- What was Hans Solo's response to Princess Leia when she asked where he had been all her life?

A- In Alderaan places

Carrie Fisher is in heaven.

And she goes into God's office.
"I've been up here for a few days, and I don't have a halo yet. George Michael has one Why don't I?"

God explains that there is a back order, but since he loved her in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" he will bump her on the list.

So she gets her ha...

Haven't seen the new Star Wars yet...

But everybody posting spoilers about how Princess Leia dies

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