Plot twist, Kylo Ren is not an only child

He's a Solo child

Why the hell didn't Kylo Ren become a damn pilot ?

Because he's a damn driver !

How did Palpatine talk to Kylo Ren before episode 9?

Snoke Signals

Wonder if Kylo Ren took his grandfather's name in his honour.

Would be weird signing off orders as "K. A. Ren".

Kylo Ren and Ray are fighting each other.

As they fight, Kylo Ren says, "I know what your getting for Christmas."

Ray yells at him saying, "stay out of my head!"

Kylo Ren responds, "I have felt your presents."

So, Kylo Ren went his entire life without getting a Girlfriend...

I guess you could could say he's Ben Solo all his life.

You've likely heard it but I only just tripped over it myself. >.>

Why does Kylo Ren have no friends?

Because his whole lfe he is Ben Solo

Why was Kylo Ren so angry when the table next to him received their food ?

Because he was the First Order

Why did Kylo Ren pick Nvidia over AMD?

Because it has better REY tracing....

Did you see Kylo Ren at his recital?

I heard he killed the solo.

Why did Apple want to hire Kylo Ren?

He’s an inner Vader

Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and Supreme Leader Snoke pull up to a drive-thru.

"We'll be paying separately."

"Go ahead with The First Order."

Why doesn't Kylo Ren's lightsaber look like a normal lightsaber?

Because it's a First Order approximation.

What is Kylo Ren's favorite video game to play?

Fortnite. Because loves to Solo Kill.

Since Carrie Fisher's death, I feel sorry for Kylo Ren.

How will he fulfill the other half of his Oedipus complex now?

Where did Kylo Ren get his lightsaber?

At the Darth Mall.

^I'm ^sorry.

Why did Kylo Ren get a free meal at the new McDonald's?

Because he placed the First Order.

What is Kylo Ren's favorite beverage?

Supreme Liter Coke

How does Kylo Ren talk on the phone in his helmet?

He uses a hans free device

In Star Wars Legends, Rey discovers an unusual force ability...

...this allows her to turn as dark as the night like a shadow and even become the shadows of others, useful for creeping up on enemies. The First Order Stormtroopers spoke about this amazing power having heard about it from a commanding officer Rey fought with the force. "Sir was spun around and kno...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The boss is hosting a costume party for Halloween

We see all the usual costumes, that you buy at the store, and even a few homemade ones, but I noticed that the intern was only wearing a pair of jeans. We’re all trying to figure out what his costume is, a shitty hulk? That Kylo Ren meme? Nobody knows, until one person walks up to him and asks:

What do you call a book filled with outlines of Star Wars characters?

A Kylo Ren Book

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