What is coding called on Tatooine?


What is the difference between Tatooine and Hoth?

On Tatooine you can find Mos Eisley.
On Hoth you’ll find ice mostly.

Obi-Wan Kenobi started a marijuana dispensary on Tatooine. What's it called?

The High Ground.

What temperature is room temperature on Tatooine?

Luke Warm

What do you call Tatooine rain on a hot day?

Lukewarm Skywater

The next generation

Obi-Wan Kenobi, while hiding on the deserts of Tatooine, happened to meet a charming lady in Mos Eisley. One thing let to another, and soon they were expecting a baby.

As the baby boy was born, the midwife asked Obi-Wan what would be the name of his son.

"Obi-Two Kenobi, naturally"

The following is a tourist's review of Tatooine:

"I was way too hot, two stars."

From my 9 year old: What do you and Tatooine have in common?

You both have two sons\suns.

What is the best way to pass the time on Tatooine?

Watch the Dagobah

Party games are so different in the Star Wars galaxy...

For example on Earth you bob for apples, but on Tatooine you Bib Fortuna.

Lets go pick up some tranny hookers...

Or, as they call them on Tatooine, "Power converters."

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