Dr Frankenstein entered a bodybuilding competition and discovered....

he had seriously misunderstood the objective.

How did Frankenstein know Jesus was coming for a visit?

He used his frankincense.

You know, with all his flaws, Dr. Frankenstein was a damn good orator.

He really knew how to bring people together.

What did Frankenstein say to his assistant?

“Hey, can you give me a hand?”

Frankenstein joined a bodybuilding contest.

He learned that the objective was very different from what he had in mind.

Doctor Frankenstein created life, via great skill with a surgeon's knife. Igor loved to say, an easier way,

Would have been knocking boots with his wife.

What did Dr. Frankenstein say when Pinocchio’s nose grew?


Frankenstein's monster was really worried one day

"Pull yourself together", said Frankenstein

What did the conspiracy theorist say when they saw frankensteins monster?

it’s aLIE!!

Dr. Frankenstein went to a body-building competition...

There was a terrible misunderstanding.

Where did Frankenstein go to get his tattoo done?

Monsters Ink

Did you hear about when the Bride of Frankenstein helped him replace a missing neck bolt?

Turns out, all he needed was a big screw.

My company recently hired Frankenstein’s monster to run our HR department. He’s surprisingly good at it.

Turns out he’s a real people person.

Dr. Frankenstein is experimenting with a new monster made with a cheese body.

It's Frankenstein's Muenster.

This one time Frankenstein entered a bodybuilding contest..

His entry left the judges speechless.

What's the difference between Frankenstein and The Cosby Show?

On the Cosby Show, he was both the doctor and the monster.

What’s Dr.Frankenstein’s favourite cheese?


Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster

SparkNotes is knowing that Frankenstein *is* the monster.

Frankenstein Enters a Competition

A body building competition. I don’t think he quite gets the objective.

I went to visit my old friend frankenstein's monster

as we were talking I said, "It's just uncanny, you have your mothers eyes."

he smiled and replied, "yes, but she didn't need them anymore"

Why was Dr Frankenstein never lonely?

He was good at making friends.

I saw Frankenstein walk into a body-building competition

He took the name of the competition way too seriously!

I once tried to Frankenstein a small dog with a cow

It was a terrier bull idea.

Actually, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor.

The real monster is the person who waits for everything to be rung up before they start looking for their debit card.

What is Frankenstein's favorite hobby shop?


People keep asking me why I’m working for Dr Frankenstein.

I’m only trying to make a living.

What was Viktor Frankenstein's favorite sport?

Body building.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call it when Frankenstein's Monster gets a boner?

A reserrection.

The Bride of Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein: I took the Bride Of Frankenstein to the Caribbean last month.

Igor: Jamaica?

Dr. Frankenstein: Yes.

I never understood how Dr. Frankenstein got overpowered by his monster...

... I mean, the guy was an amazing body builder.

People say Frankenstein's monster had a temper,

but actually he was surprisingly level headed.

Why can you always trust Frankenstein's monster?

He's got somebody else's back, he could probably handle yours.

Can we Frankenstein Monster a joke?

i propose we see who can come up with the best joke. we submit a part, someone else adds to it. maybe 3 parts? maybe not? let's see who can come up with the funniest crowd sourced joke.

A man introduces his two kids.

He says, “These are my children, Frankincense and Bob.”

The other man responds, “Oh, I thought the other child would have been named Myrrh.”

The father responds, “Oh no, we get that all the time. You see my wife and I are HUGE fans of particular books and movies so we named them after ...

Bodybuilding contest

Frankenstein signed up for a bodybuilding contest,

later to find out...

he was at the wrong place.

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A group of eels are chilling in the river...

When a full tuxedo comes drifting downstream.

Danny, the leader of the bunch, turns to his three pals.

"Holy shit guys, now's our chance!"

"Yeah!" says Tommy, "Let's get drunk!"

So Tommy threads himself through the pants of the tux in a U shape, forming a nice looking pai...

Comic-Con Mysteries Panel

A friend of mine went to Comic-Con in San Diego a few years back, and attended a panel on mystery books and movies. Authors and actors there, a large panel, nearly 20 people. Most of the cast of the Sherlock Holmes movies and a few Agatha Christie adaptation were there. One of the audience members a...

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I used to love The Village People

until they came at me with torches.

-Gay Frankenstein

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