My face is so oily

That America tried to invade it

My skin is so oily

that I'm afraid that one day America may invade it!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Bella Thorne’s face is super oily

So as an American it’s only natural I want to drill the fuck out of it.

Why did the New Yorker spray pam all over their body every night before bed?

To wake up oily

The Genie and the Demon

Three men are out walking in the woods one day, when they stumble upon an old bronze lamp. Naturally, having spent much of their lives reading internet jokes, their first inclination is to rub the lamp and excitedly greet the genie that emerges.

"You have freed me from my near-eternal captivi...

A teenager went to United Nations for help...

The UN judge asks, "Want are you afraid of?"

He replies,"My face is so oily, I'm afraid the US would invade me."

Why did the blonde go to sleep under her 20-year-old car?

So she could wake up oily in the morning.

Why did the boy sleep under the oil tank?

He wanted to get up oily in the morning!

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