Why couldn't the Bard seduce the Gelatinous Cube?

Because cubes are platonic solids.

What do you call an aquamarine aquatic mammal that expresses genuine enthusiasm for gelatinous foods?

A teal seal that feels real zeal for congealed meals.

I hate it

I hate it when people try to use big words when they clearly don't know their meaning. It makes them sound so gelatinous and isosceles.

A german, a frenchman, and a greek crash in the amazon

A german, a frenchman, and a greek are on a plane. The plane crashes in the amazon. They meet the natives and they say "don't kill us" and the amazonians say "We will not kill you, but you have to do something. You have to spend 10 years in a cave. We will fill the cave up with all the provisions yo...

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