monkeyorangutanapegorillamacaquebonoboprimategiraffeharerufuslemurmammalpandagreat apecheetah

A reporter hears about a new cafe that is a smash hit

He heads on down to see a long line of women outside, all waiting to get inside. Making his way inside, he is shocked to see Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top Fame standing behind the counter, serving tea. He walks up and asks "Hey, aren't you Billy Gibbons?"\\

"Sure am."

"Are the other guys her...

What's a good day to see tailless monkeys at the zoo?

Any gibbon day of the week

Going to the zoo and being able to name only one primate?

That’s a gibbon

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Did you hear about the monkey who was a virgin and didn't care?

Zero fucks gibbon.


Just monkeying around

An orangutan walks over to an another orangutan and says 'Yo, I'm the best at climbing and swinging!'
His friend looks at him and says 'that's a gibbon.'

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