A mathmatician walked into a bar, and there was Euler himself, eating from an empty plate.

"The hell are you doing" he asked him, confused.

"I'm eating my pie, what does it look like". Euler replied.

The mathematician knew Euler was a weird guy, but he wasn't going to pass on the opportunity to talk to one of his heroes, so he walked up to the stool beside him.

"Do yo...

Who is Euler's constant's favorite talk show host?

ln Degeneres

Euler's Number, an imaginary number, and the speed of light are all waiting in line to buy tickets to the show. In what order do they stand in line?

*i* before *e*, except after *c*.

Why does Euler's Number say it's "going number 2" when it pees?

Because its natural log is 1.

I'll show myself out now.

What did Euler find in his toilet?

A natural log

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