Erectile Dysfunction

On his 70th birthday, a man was given a gift certificate from his wife.

The certificate was for a consultation with an traditional healer, who was well known to have a very good naturopathic cure for erectile dysfunction!

As he despised western medicine, believing the conspiracy theo...

Erectile dysfunction

Is one disease that’s hard to beat.

I will be attending a competition that takes place every 4 years to see which Irishmen has the worst case of Erectile Dysfuction.

Better known as The O'limpdicks.

Erectile disfunction support group has been cancelled

Nobody could come

Police say a Maryland man stole $369 worth of erectile dysfunction and insomnia meds from a pharmacy

Apparently he wanted to stay up but not stay up.

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Whats it called when a black guy has erectile dysfunction?

Black cock down

We should talk openly about erectile dysfunction

It’s not that hard.

Anyone know how to diagnose a guy with erectile disfunction? Anyone?

Come on guys, it's really not that hard

I can't believe how many people don't understand erectile dysfunction.

I mean, it's not hard.

I opened a bar for men with erectile dysfunction.

It was a total flop. Nobody came

I found an erectile dysfunction group online, it looks fun.

It can’t be hard to join

What do you call a tree with erectile dysfunction?


I apologized to my friend for making fun of his erectile dysfunction problem.

I said, “I hope there are no hard feelings.”

I asked my wife if she felt my erectile dysfunction has improved since I got on meds…

She said I’ve got room to grow.

Did you hear about the guy with erectile dysfunction who was aroused by tastes and smells?

It took a while, but he finally came to his senses.

Bull has Erectile Dysfunction

Farmer tells a veterinarian that his bull won’t mount the cows because of E.D. The vet says that’s easy to fix the vet walks over to a cow sticks his hand in the cow’s privates and takes his wet hand and rubs it over the nose of the bull. The bull immediately gets excited and mounts the cow. The sa...

Bill Gates and Elon Musk should team-up and make a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction,

and name it ElonGates.

Making jokes about some subjects is tough, but with erectile dysfunction..

It isn't very hard.

It ain’t always easy having erectile dysfunction

but it sure as hell ain’t hard

I'm now doing a report on the erectile dysfunction medicine market.

From what I've gathered, there's stiff competiton.

The doctor wanted to know if i have erectile dysfunctions and if i could tell him about it.

I told him " It's not hard to talk about it"

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What do you call it when a programmer with a small dick and erectile dysfunction jacks off but doesn't let himself cum?

Microsoft Edge

What does my dad and a guy with erectile dysfunction have in common?

Neither of them are coming.

Did you know Jesus had erectile dysfunction?

It took him 3 days to rise again

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Now that generic versions of Viagra are available, there are several low-cost options to treat erectile dysfunction.

Ask your doctor if coxaphlopin is right for you.

Doctor: You’ve got erectile disfunction

No hard feelings.

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Easily accessible porn is causing increased cases of erectile dysfunction in younger populations...

Its a growing problem.

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My doctor asked me how my sex life is with Erectile Dysfunction

I replied, “Ever try playing pool with a rope?”

A couple went to a restaurant

Waitress: May I take your orders, please?

Husband: Oh my, aren't you pretty

Waitress: Why, thank you sir

Wife: Tell her about your erectile dysfunction dear

Husband: Of course! How rude of me? Allow me to introduce my erectile dysfunction. Her name is Samantha.

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Woman sends her husband to the doctor, because he has erectile problems

He comes home with a bottle of pills. Wife asks, "so, did he give you Viagra, or Cialis?"

Guy says, "Neither, he gave me really strong diet pills."

Wife says, "that's weird, why would you have to take diet pills?"

Handing her the bottle, the man says, "They're not for me. You ta...

What did the girl say to the game developer with erectile dysfunction?


I tried making a group for men with erectile dysfunction.

Turns out it was harder than I thought.

People always ask me, “How does one cope with erectile dysfunction?”

Honestly, it’s not that hard.

What’s the difference between a man who’s paralyzed and one who has erectile dysfunction

One can get up in the morning the other can get it up in the morning

Groundbreaking new studies reveal that cannabis can be used to treat both erectile dysfunction in men and infertility in women.

Humanity can now reproduce by budding.

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Flawless people must have erectile dysfunction

They never cock up

Yo, I'm your DJ, erectile dysfunction

I'm going to make sure you all go hard, even though I can't

My friend is quitting his job at the erectile dysfunction clinic...

He hasn't gotten a raise in years.

Where do men with erectile dysfunction go to find a job?


My doctor said he could give me some aids for my erectile dysfunction.

I told him that didn't sound like a good trade.

I had a joke about erectile dysfunction saved on my phone...

but it's taking awhile to get up

An elderly lady went to the doctor to discuss her stubborn husband's erectile dysfunction

Upon explaining the situation to the doctor, he told her to take these little blue pills, slip one in his coffee, and he would be good to go in no time. So later that day, the elderly lady and her husband are having coffee and she slips a pill into his without him noticing. Shortly after, he picks u...

Did you hear about the guy who has reverse erectile dysfunction?

He having a real hard time at the moment.

There's one thing you should know about living with erectile dysfunction

It's just not as hard as it used to be

A newly released Harvard study links NFL head trauma to erectile dysfunction...

The players could sue but I dont think it would stand up in court.

Who was the first man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction?


He wasn't Abel.

Why is visiting Taj Mahal before you reach your destination a cure for erectile dysfunction?

Coz it forces you to take the via Agra route

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A chap goes to the doctor about his erectile disfunction

A chap goes to the doctor about his erection, and the kindly doctor prescribes him some Viagra. He explains to him that he needs to take it an hour before the act, so the next night the chap gets home early and prepares a romantic dinner for his wife.

He then calls her in the office where she...

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So I was listening to the radio the other day and an ad came on: “Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction?”

And I thought to myself, “No but my girlfriend probably does.”

Stephen Hawking diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

It was easy to fix, they just uninstalled his pop-up blocker.

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I thought a high quality sex doll would help with my erectile dysfunction.

But it turns out good plastic is hard to come by.

My friend said her husband has erectile dysfunction

Me: "Well, I guess your husband has thrust issues."

I'll see myself out.

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Who's the best erectile dysfunction doctor in the world?

Dr Drew Peacock

I organised a support group meeting for individuals with erectile dysfunction.

Though around 20 people registered, many couldn't come.

I asked the librarian for the latest book on erectile dysfunction.

She tapped the keys to her computer keyboard and said..

"It's not coming up!"...

I said.."Yeah!...that's the one!!

What does a macho ask his date when he has an erectile dysfunction?

"Does this happen often to you?"

What do men with erectile dysfunction and the punch line of an anti-joke have in common?

They never come

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After extensive research, I've found out that bacon can cure erectile dysfunction.

In other words, I fucked a pig

I'm starting an app for men with erectile dysfunction

I'm calling it Tender

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A man went to the doctor complaining about erectile dysfunction...

A man went to the doctor and told him that he was having trouble maintaining an erection. After a complete exam the doctor told the man that the muscles around the base of his penis were damaged from a prior viral infection and there was nothing he could do for him.

However, he knew of an exp...

How come doctors often forget to ask about erectile dysfunction?

It just never comes up

I've been trying to hide my erectile dysfunction from my girlfriend...

But I just don't think I can keep it up for much longer.

I tried to sue a company that sold me an erectile dysfunction treatment that didn’t work

But the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court.

My computer has erectile dysfunction.

The D doesn’t work.

I heard the Argentina team has erectile dysfunction

because they never finish

I have been meaning to discuss erectile dysfunction with my wife.

But it hasn't come up yet.

Today I finally spoke to my doctor about erectile dysfunction

it wasn't hard

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So, an older gentleman with erectile dysfunction goes to the doctor..

...the doc scratches his chin and looks at him for a while, and then clicks his fingers.
"I've got just the thing for you! This is a rather new medicine, having just cleared the last phases of clinical trial. You'll feel like you're twenty again!"
"Anything to get old Jimbob back in the le...

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A guy had an erectile dysfunction and went to the doctor...

... the doctor gave him a little pill and told him:
"Take this the next time you drink a coffee with your wife nearby."
Four days later the man again visits his doc:
"Doc this didn't work out. I did like you told me. Coffee with wife, take the pill! I immediately noticed the effect and te...

The doctor said I’d suffer with erectile dysfunction...

But it hasn’t given me a hard time

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My grandpa was telling me about the time he won a contest at an Erectile Dysfunction convention

He's an Ol' limp dick gold medalist

What do you call a gamer with erectile disfunction?

A Try-Hard

Did you hear about the guy that ran the erectile dysfunction support group?

He had to disband the group because he couldn't raise enough members.

Did you hear about the new nightclub that opened called "Erectile Dysfunction"?

No? I'm not surprised; it was a complete flop. Nobody came.

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I'm holding a benefit for people with erectile dysfunction or orgasm issues.

If you can't come, let me know.

My dad recently joined a support group for people with erectile dysfunction...

Their slogan is: "If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em.

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Farmer can't get his cows to mate.

There's a farmer, who is having a hard time getting his cows to mate. Specifically, the bull doesn't seem like he can ever get into the mood. He's tried everything he can think of, but this bull just won't do it.

So he gives up on his own wisdom, and consults a cow expert. He approaches the e...

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I feel bad for men with erectile disfunction, but they all seem to be handling it well.

It's like all of them literally can't give a fuck.

My friend had asked me for tips that may help his erectile dysfunction

Apparently, a hotter wife wasn't a good answer.

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Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition.

It ain't nothing to fuck with.

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If the 1st Robin died, what would Batman have in common with a man with erectile dysfunction?

A limp dick.

I keep getting these ads about Erectile Dysfunction and all I got to say that is...

How'd they know?

I asked the librarian if the library had books on erectile dysfunction

She said: "Of course, they're not hard to come by"

Don't take this the wrong way... please?

What do you call a construction machine that doesn't work?

>!Erectile Dysfunction!<

A client just thanked me profusely for curing his erectile dysfunction.

-shrugs- It wasn't hard.

I heard they're testing a new pill for treating erectile dysfunction

It's called coxaflopyn.

A man experiencing erectile dysfunction

A man experiencing erectile dysfunction goes to see a doctor. The doctor asks him about his eating habits, whether he exercises or not, and what he does for a living. After considering everything he has heard, he asks to see a picture of the man's wife. The man opens his wallet and shows him. The do...

After developing erectile dysfunction, a man tries all the medically recognised treatment...

Pharmaceuticals, change in diet etc. Nothing worked. At the end of his rope, he gives a medicine man a try. The medicine man gives him a natural remedy and tells him, "When you're ready for it to take effect, say, '1,2,3'. When you're done, say, '1,2,3,4'."
The medicine man assured him it would w...

Call me an old softie

But I'd prefer instead if you called me a distinguished gentleman with erectile dysfunction.

I called the urologist's office for an appointment for erectile dysfunction. The girl on the phone checked the calendar and said, "alright, let's see if we can get you in.."

I said, "exactly."

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You hear about the guy who was accused of jerking off with hand soap for his erectile disfunction?

Well, he finally came clean.

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