Books about earthquakes are extremely popular.

They're literally flying off the shelves.

I asked god why we have earthquakes

She said it wasn’t her fault.

What was the earthquakes punishment

It was grounded

Earthquakes are confusing

We know where the fault lies but we have no one to blame

Fortunately the California earthquakes were a bit out in the desert so not many people got hurt.

But a few snakes were rattled.

I get so nervous during earthquakes

that I start shaking uncontrollably

I keep hearing people say these SoCal earthquakes are being caused by the heat or as punishment for how we have been acting. I think they are wrong.

It is actually the San Andreas's fault.

Whose fault is it that California always has earthquakes?

San Andreas fault.

TIL the Richter scale is no longer the standard measurement for earthquakes.

It shook me up a little bit.

My sister in California said she felt two earthquakes just in the last week.

I told her it was her fault.

A local earthquake station gets an anonymous tip...

One day a local scientist named Steve was sent a mysterious email. The email read:

Steve I know who you are, and where you live. My name must remain anonymous, so as of now you may refer to me as "Somebody". Steve I contact you because my independent studies have discovered a massive earthqua...

I hate it when geologists explain the reasons behind earthquakes.

All that stupid faulty logic.

What causes German Earthquakes?

Teutonic Plates.

I'm sorry I'll find my own way out

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