Why is it that your dogs have to be vaccinated to go to the park and daycare, but your kids donโ€™t have to be?

Because itโ€™s sad when a dog dies.

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My four-year-old was told off for "using bad words" at daycare

I've no idea where the little fucker learned them

What would a Republican daycare look like?

Each child and baby would be in a fantastic cage. The best cages. A lot of people tell me these cages would be the best cages by far.

The police were called to a daycare!

a 4-year-old was resisting *a rest*

What is the worst part about having to go to a daycare as a police officer

There is always at least one kid napping and a bunch resisting a rest

What's the difference between a bar and a daycare?

It's easier to pick up girls at a daycare.

Police were called to my kids daycare today.

Apparently after lunch break several children were resisting a rest.

I donated some old board games to my local daycare.

Hope those kids like Ouija Boards...

Is daycare good for kids?

Well if it's better than your family .. so yeah

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You know the difference between a daycare and a stripclub?

If you dont you're a sick motherfucker

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Daycare is a lot like a frat house...

There's kids passed out in their clothes everywhere, it smells like piss and vomit, there's kids with magic marker all over their faces, and the girls walk around lifting their shirts up.

The daycare turned down my job application.

Probably because I described myself as "a touchy-feely kind of guy"

Picked my son up from his first day of daycare.

Looked like a great place. Tons of cool toys. One corner of the room was full of blocks, one corner had a huge ball pit, another corner was a reading nook with little-kid type books. I got there just as they were cleaning the room up, and there were these huge foam ABCs all over the floor. I watched...

Every day I'm surrounded by broken condoms.

Running a daycare center is tough.

Why do parents send their toddlers to the army for daycare?

Because they're sending them to the infantry!

The swear counter5000

Some scientists created a machine that automatically counts people's swears when it's near them, the machine was a big circle with arrows in the middle that would point to the number of swears.

So they bring it to a office building and after a couple days they come back and see the counter is...

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Having sex at work is alright

As long as you don't work at a daycare

My father always tells me to work hard,

But last time I did that I got fired from the daycare.

What do you call playing Fortnite during the day?


Trump is so good at creating jobs

Heโ€™s even creating daycare jobs down at the border

A wife tells her husband, "Remember to pick the kid up at 5."

"OK," says the husband.


The husband dropped off their 3-year-old son off at daycare: "See ya in 2 years, bud."

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A Slight Misunderstanding

I was picking up my 4 year old son, James, from daycare but he was late out. I saw his classmate Sophie standing with her mother and thought I would ask her how long he would be.
As I said her name she looked at me, teary eyed. I asked "What's wrong?" She replied "My Mommy is selling my pussy be...

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