When I was a kid I was diagnosed as color blind.

It really came out of the purple.

Why is it good to be color blind?

Because people can’t call you racist.

I just found out the news that I'm color blind

I was surprised. It came completely out of the green.

I'm color blind and the other day I thought I could actually detect purple,

but it was just a pigment of my imagination.

It’s really tough being a color blind person from Colorado

The only thing I see is “ado”

I took a Color blind test...

Damn optometrist thinks I didn’t realize she showed a bunch of green circles without numbers

What did the color blind psychic say?

Q: What did the color blind psychic say?

A: I cannot see the fuchsia.

I just got diagnosed with color blindness.

I gotta say this diagnosis came out of the orange.

I have color blindness

That means I never lost game of UNO

I was diagnosed with color blindness just an hour ago.

It came right out of the purple.

Roses are gray

Violets are gray

I'm color blind

And not very good at poetry

Went to the opticians.

She told me that I was color blind.

Well I must say, that came right out of the purple.

What's green and fluffy?

Red fluff, if you're color blind.

I visited my eye doctor the other day for an eye test.

Found out I was color blind, it was completely out of the purple. Devastated.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

During a social activism event...

a man came across a poster of a Latino, Asian, Indian and black man eating oranges. When publicly asked by the poster's creator what the poster represent, the man said "they're just people eating oranges!" to wide applause and cheer.

The creator then asked, "what made you give such a beautifu...

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