My friend used to clean clocktowers...

He kept telling me how exhausting it was and how he never got much sleep.

So I asked him why and he said:

“It’s so tiring because I work around the clock!”

A guy is walking through Mexico...

When he comes up on a Mexican man taking a siesta with his Donkey tied next to him.
"Excuse me," the man says " Do you know the time?"
The Mexican man looks up sleepily, grabs his Donkey by the balls, and slowly raises them up as if weighing them.
" It's about one thurty. "
Confused bu...

The Bell ringer at the local church dies

The next day a man shows up to apply for, and gets the job. When the priest is watching the new bellringer on his first day, he notices the man has an unusual style of ringing the bell. He runs and jumps and hits the bell with his face. It's odd, the priest thinks, but it gets the job done, and he l...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Driver asks a guy with a donkey what time it is

This man was riding his moped through the outskirts of town when he sees a man laying down on a hill. Next to the man is a donkey eating some grass. The driver pulls over to ask what time it was.

The sleeping man sticks his hand under his donkey without even lifting his head and grabs the do...

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