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What do you call a reservoir with many turns and zigzags?

A twisted cistern

Two Fish Swimming

These two fish are swimming in a reservoir, one of them smashes into the wall headfirst, and second one says "Dam!!".

Did you hear about that politician who objected to building another reservoir in California?

His argument didn't hold water.

When the reservoir looks kinda holy

god dam

Two young Russian conscripts in Ukraine approach a platoon of Ukranian fighters to surrender.

They approach with their hands in the air, and their weapons holstered.

"We come to surrender. Our truck is out of fuel and broken down. The rest of our troops are miles away, and none of the gas trucks or repair technicians will be available for days. We are stranded."

The Ukrainian f...

Did you hear about the cursed night bird that lives in the reservoir?

Well owl be damned.

How was the guy in the underground water reservoir doing?


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