Two men were sitting next to each other at a bar.

After awhile, one bloke looks at the other and says, ‘I can’t help but think, from listening to you, that you’re from Ireland’

The other bloke responds proudly, ‘Yes, that I am!’

The first one says, ‘So am I! And where about from Ireland might you be?’

The other bloke answers, ‘...

Another 1

Date: I like to live life on the edge.

Me:*trying to impress her* I put my foot infront of the yellow line at train stations*

Date: *cleary impressed and distracted by my edgy lifestyle *

Me: *kicks her chair lightly*

Date: *falls of chair* that's so hot, but why did you...

John and Lorraine were inseparable.

They played together, went to school together, ate together, grew up together, argued with each other, made up with each other, and then eventually, they married each other.
One day at work, John meets a new coworker, Samantha Cleary -- she didn't like being called Samantha or Sam, so she went by...

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