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What time does Roger Federer go to bed?


TIL that 50% of Roger Federer's...

...name is "er"

So Roger Federer retired from his tennis career

He got bored so he started working as a waiter at a restaurant for fun. When he had to bring his first meal to a customer, he suddenly grabbed his tennis racket, threw the meal in the air and smacked it with his racket, against the wall. The customer freaked out. 'WHAT THE HELL!? I'M CALLING THE MAN...

What does Roger Federer call his backup racket?

The Federer Reserve

INTERVIEWER: Roger Federer, why do you like Switzerland so much?

RODGER FEDERER: Well the flag is a big plus.

What is Roger Federer's favorite phone

The IPhone 10 s

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