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me :i dont like capitalization in words, it's a waste of time

Teacher:Its important for one really good reason, because it's the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your Uncle jack off a horse.

Capitalization really changes a sentence.

For example:

I love candy.

I love capitalization.

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Why is capitalization important?

because using chemicals to remove polish is just an annoying thing people have to do with their nails but using chemicals to remove Polish is one of hitler's war crimes.

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Capitalization is important

For example: I need to help my uncle jack off the horse

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I just read somewhere that capitalization is the difference between "I helped my uncle Jack off a horse" and "i helped my uncle jack off a horse".

Well that's embarrassing. Now everyone thinks my uncle's name is Jack.

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If you donโ€™t think capitalization is important

Try writing this sentence without it - I had to help my Uncle Jack off a horse.

Why do spies never use capitalization?

They like to stay low-key.

History's biggest irony is that the Russian alphabet has no lowercase letters

It's all Capitalization.

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