What is the difference between BTS and Logan Paul?

BTS is a boy band from Asia; Logan Paul is a boy banned from Asia.

My dad told me he started listening to BTS.

I replied, "'K, Pop."

I went to a BTS concert a while back. It was absolutely horrible.

Now every time I hear their songs I get BTSD.

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My friend said her favorite BTS song was "Dynamite"

I can't believe it's not "Butter".

What do BTS and Guy Fawkes have in common?

They both want to “light it up like dynamite”

A man hurriedly walks into a bar

Man (trying to catch his breath): bartender, give me a scotch neat before I get into a fight

BT: here you go

Man (gulping all in at once): one more before I get into a fight

BT: here

Man: again, before I get into a fight

BT: here, but out of curiosity, who are you ...

A friend of mine would force me to watch kpop with her for hours at a time

Now I have BTSD

A man walked into a bar and orders a drink...

“What’ll you have?” asks the bartender

Man - Anything but a Bud Light
So the bartender pours him a Jack and Coke

After a while the man again requests a drink.

Bartender - what will it be this time?
Man - Anything but a Bud Light
After then finishing his Old Fashioned, t...

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NSFW an old one told to me long ago

A woman walks into an small cantina and sees a live frog sitting on the shelf. She proceeds to ask the bartender "what's up with the frog?"

Bartender replies: "That there frog is guaranteed to get any woman off"

The woman laughs it off

Time goes by, a few drinks later she asks.....

Why did the kelp attend Pride?

Because it was part of the algae-BT community.

To the fellow that gave me his typewriter

Yo can rn bt yo can't hide

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So a man walks into a bar,

The bar tender asks, what can I get for you

Man: I think I'll have myself a gin and tonic tonight.

The Bartender places an apple on the counter.

Man: what the hell is this?

BT:Just take a bite,

The man bites "holy shit, that tastes like gin!

BT: Now turn it ...

The cleanest restaurant in the world

A guy walks in and the maître d’ Says welcome to the cleanest restaurant in the world, We never touch any of the food by hand we simply use tongs for everything.

The guys says wow that’s great!

The guy says BtW, what are all those red strings hanging out of everybody’s zippers?


A polar bear walks in to a bar...

He sits down and the bar tender asks what he would like.

The polar bear says: " I'll have a..."




Bartender says: "a Burger?"

PB: ...




BT: "Some wings?"

PB: ...



PB: "a beer"...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Save Money on phone sex lines

...by texting filth to your landline and have the BT woman read it to you at a fraction of the cost.

A regular always buys three shots every friday night then leaves.

The bartender one day gets very curious after a couple months and finally decides to ask the man:

BT: "Why do you always order three shots first thing, drink them, then leave once done?"

Reg: "Well, my brothers and I became separated once I moved here for business. We use to drink toge...

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