Jeff Bozos was cleaning his bedside lamp when a genie popped out.

Genie: One wish only, my good sir.

Bezos: Name it.

Bozo the Clown- The Darkest Joke Ever Told

A man goes to the doctor. He says, "Doctor, I've been depressed for as long as I can remember. The world is such a dark place. What should I do?"

The doctor says, "Go to the park and find Bozo the Clown. Everyone who goes to see him perform laughs, and everyone leaves him feeling happy."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Man Goes to the Circus

A man goes to the circus. It's his first time, and he's pretty nervous about it. During an intermission, one of the clowns approaches the microphone and says "We are giving a special prize to the person sitting in section A, Row 12, seat D."

It's the man! He stands up, very nervous, and the c...

A father and his son are having a phone conversation...

Son: Hello?

Father: What is it? I'm out on the highway right now.

Son: Be careful Dad, it's dangerous out there.

Father: What do you mean, "dangerous"? I've been driving down this highway for 25 years now.

Son: Well, I just heard on the news about some crazy lunatic drivi...

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