I’m an anti-Vaccination advocate and I’m upset

I’m just sick and tired…

There's a lot of controversy about vaccination, but you know what I don't get?


Why do people like getting their vaccinations from Eminem?

You only get one shot.

Conspiracy theorists in Germany believe the government plans to do mandatory vaccinations against Corona. That's laughable.

I'm certain they'll put something in the tap water.

What do bartenders and anti-vaccination parents have in common?

They don't give shots to kids!

Anti-vaccinations jokes are starting to get old.

Unlike the kids they're about.

The percent of the population holding anti-vaccination beliefs has gotten up to the mid-teens.

Unlike their children.

I was never vaccinated, and the jokes poking fun at anti-vaxxers need to stop

My parents are strongly anti vaccination, and I have never gotten a vaccine, and some of the jokes here are really insensitive to people like me.

Just bec

If you are old enough to write articles on anti-vaccination

Your parents probably made the right choice, unfortunately it was on you.

Why are scientists that develop vaccinations sad?

Because all their work is in vein

Doctors agree...

9 out of 10 vaccinations are in vein.

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