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What do you call a disease with many followers?


What’s the difference between Influencer and Influenza?

One wants to go viral, the other is already viral…

If I spread the influenza to a group of people

Does that make me an influen-cer?
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What Do You Call A YouTube Sensation With A Computer Virus?

A social influenza.

What do you call someone infectious on Insta?

An Influenza.

What kind of Instagram user would COVID-19 be?

An Influenza

What happened when the flu joined instagram?

She became an influenza!

Have you heard about the social media stars who are coughing and sick?

They're Instagram Influenzas

What do the Russian gov't and Corona virus have in common?

They are both trying to influenza the election.

How did the virus introduce itself?

Hi, I'm an influenza, check out my YouTube page!

He's all over the place

Heard about that social media influenza who went viral? He's sick.

What do you call a sick Instagram model?

An Influenza

Why didn't the other viruses hang out with The Common Cold?

Because he is a bad influenza

Why did the virus get a ticket?

Because he was driving under the influenza......

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