discriminatetelldistinguishdifferentiateseparatediscernknowrecognizelabelpick outmake outcontrastidentifyretellelse

How do you tell apart drug pushers that have a conscience from those who don't?

Those who don't call themselves "reps,".

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How do you tell apart a Chinese from a Japanese?

With a Geiger Counter.

How to tell apart a good electrician from a bad one

One is 16 feet above and one is 6 feet below ground

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Hard to tell apart

My friend told me that he was cheating on his girlfriend with her twin.

“How do you tell them apart?” I asked

He said “Sally is Blonde with nice tits and Steve has a beard”

A joke I made up

There once lived an unmarried, flamboyant, lustful king who chased women and slept with everyone in his court. The day came for him to be married, and he went to see a local lord who was rumored to have two beautiful daughters. The king went to  meet the lord and his two beautiful daughters. After l...

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