What happens when a cop uses a taser?

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I met this girl with a taser

Man was she stunning

What’s the difference between a magic wand and a police taser?

One’s for cunning stunts...

How many Buzzfeed writers would use a taser on you?

We asked 20 of them, and number seven may shock you.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I met a beautiful girl the other day at the park.

Amazed by such beauty, I went up to her. Sparks flew and she fell at my feet, we ended up having sex right there and then.

I fucking love my new Taser

The inventor of the TASER gun recently died.

Both friends and enemies
were stunned!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I suggested to my wife that she should buy a taser so that she could stop men trying to force her to have sex with them.

I was shocked when she actually took my advice.

I always feel like there’s something electric about meeting the girl I stalk

It’s probably the taser

Joe and the Train

Joe has been driving trains for years now and he was certainly not he best. He would leave late, overshoot stops and close the door on people frequently. This all came to head when one day, not paying attention, he drives into a herd of cows.

Police show up and Joe is questioned, but is ove...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I met a gorgeous girl in the park, immediately sparks flew, she felt weak on her knees and we had the best sex ever!!

Damn I love these new tasers !!!

You're at the mall when a security guard comes up to you.

He (falsely) suspects you of attempted shoplifting.

You try to explain to him that you're not, but he thinks you're getting aggressive and trying to resist arrest.

He pulls out his taser.

What happens next may shock you...

How old guys pick up women.

I am getting on in years and not the best looking
guy anymore.

Some would even say I'm a little frayed around
the edges. But, I have a nice car, a little money
and I spend most of my time casually traveling
from place to place and enjoying life.

I met a nice looking girl in...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I saw this gorgeous blonde police officer today who really knocked me for six, she was stunning

the crap out of me with her taser after I tried to grab her ass!

I met a lovely woman today

and she owned a taser......DAMN she was stunning!

I met a beautiful girl in the park.

I met a beautiful girl in the park the other evening. There was an instant spark between us and she immediately dropped to her knees and laid on the grass at my feet. As we were making love, I thought .... "These taser guns are well worth the money."

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