Communists make the best snipers

They're natural Marx men.

Perils of being a Sniper

What’s the one thing snipers can’t tell their wives?  

I missed you this morning.

Best Finnish joke i know (Does not involve snipers)

2 Finnish Longshoremen complete their hard days work at the port of Kuopio on payday, and decide to go to the local bar to have a fun night.

No words are spoken as they sit down. They look at the bar keep, and one raises his hand, with 2 fingers up.

The bar keep brings 2 shots of Vod...

What kind of restaurants do military snipers prefer?

Take out.

Why do army snipers close one eye while shooting?

Because if they closed both eyes they wouldn't be able to see.

What do snipers and photographers have in common?

They get paid to take headshots.

The Soviet Union had excellent snipers...

They were outstanding Marxmen

Why can't antivaxxers be snipers?

Because they won't take the shot

My friend started calling the girls I was interested in very bad snipers

Because not even they would take me out.

What did the red army call their snipers?


Three CEOs of car companies are kidnapped.

They are told to either pay $1bn for release, or attempt to escape 3 hazard-filled miles out of the city using any method of transportation they choose.

The first CEO asks for a Ford Mustang. He makes it one mile before being spotted by a group of snipers and eliminated.

The second CEO...

Why are Catholics the best snipers?

Because they're always Amen for the head

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What did the jewish girl on the swing do?

Fuck with the German snipers.

Communist snipers are the best.

They are marxmen who can shoot from all engels.

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