Sure you're just sledding now

But sledding is a gateway to other things.
Soon you'll be tobogganing.
And snow-tubing.
And snowboarding.
And skiing.

It's a slippery slope.

I haven’t seen many kids sledding this winter

It’s really gone downhill

Just went sledding for the first time

I liked it until I got on the sled. It was all down hill from there.

When I was kid, and we'd go sledding on a cold snowy day, Ya know how often I had to rub my hands together to stay warm?


A friendly kid joke.

Timmy and Suzi were climbing to the top of a hill to go sledding when Suzi's sled broke. She asked if they could share the sled and timmy replied sure I can ride it down and you can bring it up!

What are the four seasons called in New England?

Almost winter, Winter, Still winter, and 3 months of bad sledding.

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