What do you call an evil seamstress?

A looming threadt

What did the seamstress say to the other seamstress who looked upset?

What seams to be the problem?

Why did the seamstress keep getting knocked up?

She kept getting confused when her customers said they wanted her to take the seam in.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A professional fighter and a seamstress walk into a bar

The bartender asks them how their day is going. The seamstress says her day has been sew-sew. The fighter just looks beat.

The bartender takes their orders.
The seamstress orders a thimble of gin.
The fighter asks for something with some kick.

The bartender tells them a j...

How do you tell the difference between a seamstress and a plumber?

Ask them to pronounce the word "sewer".

The seamstress tried her hand at making jokes.

But this time she was all out of material.

What do you say to an out of touch seamstress who refuses to modernize their operation?

Ok Loomer

I had to stop going to the outdoor seamstress camp

It was just sew in tents

My friend is a seamstress for the church.

She says her job is habit forming!

A seamstress accidentally pulls a string and unravels her life's work...

Oops, wrong thread.

How do you get a seamstress's attention?

a hem!

Did you hear about the elderly seamstress with poor vision?

She doesn't mend straight anymore.

What did the customer say to the overworked seamstress?

Wow, you seamstressed out.

(I'm so sorry)

What's the most honest way to earn a living as a seamstress?

The Ernest Hemingway

What do you call a really fast seamstress?

Tailor Swift

What did the Italian seamstress say to the Greek playwright?


On Christmas morning, a man says to his seamstress wife "take this small metal bucket"

"as a thimble of my love"

Two guys are waiting in the unemployment line.

Two guys waiting in the unemployment line worked side by side in the factory for 17 years before it closed down.

First guy up to the window doesn’t speak good English.

The Clerk asks, “What was your occupation?”

Man: “Dieselfitter”

Clerk: (looks in book) “ok that’s $795...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My sister was hired to sew 8 bridesmaids dresses by Saturday. . .

She seamstressed but she’ll get it done. However, her skills are only sew sew.

What do you call a new dress-maker who is uncomfortable with the idea of customers testing her merchandise?

A seamstress who seems stressed when you stress the seams.

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