How do you pay a manicurist?

By giving a finger tip

Why did the dentist and the manicurist get divorced?

Because they fought tooth and nail.

Did you hear what happened to the manicurist?

She was charged with tweezon.

My account said I'm crazy for investing all my money in my idea of building a business that offers a boxing gym, a dentist, and a manicurist all under one roof.

But I told him I'm going to fight tooth and nail for it. Now if I could just think of a clever name for it, I'd be all set.

Jesus loves everyone. Except manicurists.

He always hated having his nails done.

How did the Manicurist feel after her salon was robbed?


I just got my first hand job.

I'm officially a manicurist.

You know you are a bad driver when.............

you see more middle fingers than a manicurist.

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