How does a polygamist hippie count his wives?

One Mrs. Hippie, two Mrs. Hippie, three Mrs. Hippie......

What's the difference between a polygamist and a cat?

A cat has 9 lives while a polygamist has 9 wives

A polygamist lion walks into a bar with 3 of his wives: a giraffe, an ostrich and a llama.

He walks up to the bar and asks the rhino bartender to recommend a beer.

Rhino: "Sure, we have lots of great choices on tap."

Lion: "C'mon man... Can't you see I prefer longnecks?"

What does a polygamist family have for dessert every week?

Birthday Cake

What did the monogamist say to the polygamist?

You can't have your Kate, and Edith too.

I'm trying to convince my wife that we should become polygamists.

If we married a housekeeper, baby sitter, and landscaper, we wouldn't have to pay them.

I think I might be a polygamist ...

... My wife has multiple personality disorder.

What’s the difference between an IT professional and a polygamist?

The IT guy has two computers in case one goes down, the polygamist has two wives in case one doesn’t.

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