"Bigamy" is defined as having one wife too many...

Some people define "marriage" the same way.

Do you know the punishment for bigamy?

Two mother-in-laws

I thought people would take issue with my having two wives.

But everyone said it was awful bigamy.

What's the penalty for bigamy?

Two mothers-in-law.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

If having two sex partners is bigamy, and anything above that is polygamy, what is it called when having a single sex partner?



Like the real me, just taller.

My wife recently confessed that while she still loves me, she has fallen in love with someone else as well. I want what’s best for her, so after many long talks, I said I thought they should get married as well.

I thought that was mighty bigamy.

I can't believe how supportive my wife was after telling her I was going to take a second wife

She said it was bigamy.

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