Which politician is the biggest supporter of statistical sciences?

Putin. He really loves the Poisson distribution.

Don't eat the fish in France.

They're literally poisson.

Why do French people not trust mermaids?

Because that girl is poisson.

A Man Walks Into A French Restaurant And Orders Fish...

The waiter brings out his order and the man begins to eat it. After about fifteen minutes, the man keels over and dies. The waiter, panicking, calls the paramedics. When they arrive, they examine the body of the deceased man.

"Well?" asks the concerned waiter "What killed this poor man?"

Why do the French never eat tuna sandwiches?

Because bread is pain and fish is poisson

I got sick after eating fish while in France.

The doctor said it was ... le poisson.

Hollywood is making The Feeding of the 5000 based on Jesus' miracle.

In France it's going to be called The Poisson of the Christ.

What is a Statistician's preferred method of killing people ?

Poisson Distribution

A man goes to a French market

He wanders around the market, looking for ingredients to make a fish stew. He buys some carrots, onions, and even a few exotic spices. But he still needs to find some fresh fish. He heads over to the deli where he sees an amazing arrangement of meats, cheeses, and of course, seafood. He asks the man...

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